Aesthetic Dimension is a new, holistic approach to design.

We combine Content Development, Graphic Design and Production into a single integrated process.

​Rather than hiring seperate copywriters, graphic designers and developers, our team works closely together to create an end product that works holistically at every level. The result is greater efficency for the client by having a single touchpoint, while creating a product with more profound impact.​

Systems We Build

Brands & Websites

Dynamic brands and websites that tell your story while taking your company to a whole other level.

Web & Mobile Apps

Intelligent app design and development built to fit your business model and engage your users.

Exhibits & Signage

Immersive, multi-layered 3D assets that display thoughtfully curated information in a beautiful way.

Aesthetic Dimension’s proposal was cost effective and the results exceeded our expectations. Noteh and his team led us through a process of self-reflection and evaluation that culminated in a web presence that reflects our true values and what we are all about and aspire to be.
Wayne Humphries
CIO, Terracap Group of Companies


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Strategy & Research


Each project begins with a deep dive into the strategy of whichever organization we work with. What problem is the design aiming to solve? How will the product product be used? By Whom? Going forward, everything we create will be both a reflection and execution of the organization’s strategy.



The concept stage is where the strategy is executed into the first tangible assets. For example, for a website this might be a sitemap and wireframes or for a brand it may be the logo and a preliminary colour scheme. There is a series of back and forth with the client to refine the components and direction.

Design Framework


In the Design Framework stage, the components created in the concept stage become active platforms. For example, in a Mobile application the UI/UX will be presented to the client. The design is refined through discussions with the client until the specifications and final look and feel are thorough and complete.

Web & Content Development


With a clear visual framework, we now know exactly how much content we need and where. We also know exactly how an application will function. This allows the web and content development to happen at the same time, precisely and efficently.



Content is plugged into the now coded product bringing the two parts of the last stage together. The design product is handed over to the client along with any necessary documentation.

Lead designer Noteh Krauss has demonstrated time and time again that his greatest strength is listening to the brand vision. He then takes the time to process — wants vs. needs — explaining his approach in a clear, concise manner.
Wayne Humphries
CIO, Terracap Group of Companies


Integrated Design does not just refer to our process. We aim to create for the whole person.

Noteh's exhibition design, "Cost of War," went above and beyond the project requirements. His successful design solution established a cohesive aesthetic through diverse methods and impactful information graphics.
Anna Sharp,
Creative Director, Two Twelve
Mind Concept & Content Eyes Graphic Design Heart Emotional Appeal Hands User Experience

Our Brand

Many ask, what is the meaning behind our unique logo and brand? 

The idea is that even diverse shapes or colors can fit together in a beautiful way. And that we need everything to come together in order to make the whole.

Each pattern also has a specific meaning, playing on different visual and intellectual concepts of Dimension.



The About pattern uses shadow as it’s visual dimensional quality. The idea is that Aesthetic Dimension is standing up to add a different perspective to the field of design.



Perspective was one of the greatest artistic innovations of the Rennaisance towards creating lifelike imagery. Each box represents a project, and a further building block for our company.



The gradient is used for the Blog as it represents the transition of thought through innovation and discussion. Furthermore, it represents the layers and nuance of this process.



Our own imagination and experiences shape the way we see things. The leaf pattern also reminds us of our roots in nature within modern existence.

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