A Better Way to Build Your Brand

The Meaning of Integrated Design

The idea of integrated design is to simultaneously make life easier for the client and create a better end product - all while saving money for the client! How does this work? and how is such a system possible?

Like most things that are innovative, it is simultaneously simple and complicated. 

Currently, companies that want to grow and build a successful brand need to hire a copywriter, a graphic designer, web developers, and maybe even photographers depending on the situation. Inherently, all these people are silo-ed into their respective expertise. The copywriter may be writing beautiful long essays for the new site, while the designer has created a website for only short paragraphs of text. And then, that design gets sent to the developers who make their own interpretation of it in order to smoothen the development process. What you have is three puzzle pieces that do not necessarily fit harmoniously together. 

It is clear, that with this process, there is an apparent disharmony. The end result, as seen time and time again, is still something that gets the job done - however in an ultimately dysfunctional way from a communications standpoint. 

Copy, design, and development do not necessarily naturally fit together
The dysfunction is clear (img courtesy: reddit)

Now one might say that this is where project managers come in. Indeed, project managers can help ease this process but ultimately they rarely have branding, copywriting, and development experience themselves. Their role is to manage the day to day operation of each part, and get the pieces of the puzzle to fit together. They help smoothen these pieces of the puzzle to fit, however the image is still ultimately cracked. They are not acting as an art director, creative director or editor to ensure the consistency of every single touch point. The boxes may be getting ticked, but your company is not going deeper into create a true sense of brand that reflects itself in every interaction with the user. 

Now, if you are a business owner or marketing director, you can begin to see the costs adding up quickly. At least four separate salaries to get your project and brand off the ground. Any one component won't complete the picture for you, and it is also difficult and time consuming to make at least four separate hires and build a cohesive team. If even one component is off your brand will be lower quality, resulting in reduced success for your business. 

This current model, as you can see, is not optimal. 

Project management may get the pieces to fit. But the image is still cracked.

Solving this issue is the whole idea of Aesthetic Dimension. We thought, there has to be a better way to this piecemeal and stiff system. What if all the pieces of a brand could act harmoniously together? In a way that was deeply functional while simultaneously creating a deeply branded environment?

The answer to this question is integrated design. We brought content development, graphic design, and production into a single integrated process.

By doing this, we saw we could offer our clients a better product, that communicated more profoundly - all while saving the client time, money, and mental space by bringing everything together into one space. 

The results are clear. Clients can sit back and relax knowing that they are getting the best of each component. By bringing everything together more efficiently, the entire process became faster and cheaper. Simultaneously, the client got a final product that was more beautiful, holistic, and went beyond meeting their needs. These are the results of Integrated Design. 

Integrated Design. Beautiful, seamless and holistic.

Sep 06, 2017