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Before working with Aesthetic Dimension the Terracap Brand was old, tired and outdated. Aesthetic Dimension implemented a new brand across multiple platforms to take Terracap to the next level.

Check out the new website at Terracap.ca


Terracap was entering a new phase of growth. With 30+ years of experience building a portfolio of owned and managed buildings across North America Terracap was now planning to build two 30+ condo buildings at important intersections in the city of Toronto. Terracap would be working with other top developers and needed to attract new sources of investment from institutional investors. Terracap was also seeking to amend local by-laws to increase the density which was hotly debated by city council and in the local papers. Overall, Terracap needed a brand that would not just take them to the next level but also specifically appeal to institutional investors as well as other members of their large audience such as brokers, private investors, potential tenants, and city council. 

The next consideration was also communicating Terracap's impressive story. Terracap not only has immense experience but also has assets across sectors in the commercial, industrial, and residential spaces - across Canada and the US. The brand also needed to be professional and communicate Terracap's place in the Terracap industry while simultaneously having a unique edge to communicate Terracap's unique background and activities. 

Logo & Branding Design

Conversations with Terracap around the values and direction of the company led to a development of a strong stack of concepts to implement. In the design phase, we chose to maintain a related colour scheme to the old brand in order to create continuity. Typography that was then fresh and professional was built on top of this. 

An important value for Terracap was to be 'leading edge.' This concept led directly into the logo shape. A symbol that clearly and intuitively displayed Terracap's strong foundation while reaching into the future. This shape was then used in various respects across the assets to create a strong branding environment across all touchpoints. 

User Experience & Interaction Design

The website was built to optimize accessibility and communication. As discussed in strategy, the audience coming to the website could be quite diverse ranging from brokers to potential investors or government officials. The approach we used was one of 'filters' where the audience would self-select among a few clear options, thus narrowing down the corresponding possibilities of the audience in terms of the respective web pages. 

For example, the portfolio page could be accessed by potential investors, brokers, or city council. On this page they are given a secondary filter which allows them to select by region, value, or other criteria. Thus the website is able to self-serve the correct audience in as little as two clicks while providing an easy and satisfying experience for the user. 

Simultaneously, the choices available are also a valuable communication tool. For example, on the landing page each 'slide' is accompanied by a subheadline and short description. While providing choices for more deeply investigating the site, it is simultaneously educating the viewer about the company. Another example of this on the portfolio page filters where an option is commercial, residential, or industrial space. It is unusual for a real estate company to have all three, so just by giving this option the viewer learns intuitively this is a different kind of real estate company. 

Content Development

Terracap has 26 properties in its portfolio, all of which were spread across Canada and the United States. These properties were spread across the Commercial, Industrial and Residential sectors while some had a combination of two sectors. 

Aesthetic Dimension handled the copywriting and photography for all 26 properties in order to develop a comprehensive portfolio for Terracap. Aesthetic Dimension worked with Terracap and its network of property managers to create descriptions for each property. 

Furthermore, Terracap hired local photographers for each site in order to obtain professional photography across the portfolio and for Terracap's future marketing purposes. 

Function & Web Development

Terracap wanted to create an integrated system to manage the information on their properties. In other words, if they changes a data point or the description for a property in one place, it should change in the other. 

Aesthetic Dimension took Terracap's leasing platform, Archestra, and used it as a Content Management system on the backend. Thus, if Terracap changed the description or photos for a property - that change would be synchronized to both the Portfolio and leasing pages. This allowed Terracap to easily manage the web presence of their large portfolio. 

On top of this, Aesthetic Dimension also built in a sister CMS for Terracap to use for its News articles and for Careers post. The text entered would be automatically formatted for the website, allowing ease of use. 

Multi-Platform Brand Integration

The Brand is currently being further built out into additional assets to complete Terracap's brand across all touchpoints. This included the development of business cards, branded powerpoint presentations, letterhead, envelopes, etc.